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Why should you cleanse!!

Imagine having: Restored Vitality- more mental clarity –clear skin- a stronger immune system- and looking and feeling healthy. By detoxifying your body, you can enjoy these benefits – and more.

A toxin is simply a poison that can affect the body by internal or external means. A toxin can be a chemical which occurs naturally or in synthetic form. More than 120,000 human-made chemicals have been introduced into the environment, in one form or another, and this number continues to grow each year at a phenomenal rate. At the same time, microbial toxins, being influenced by the vast numbers of chemicals, are mutating beyond belief. Each category of microbes produces species that generates toxins in host cells. Evidence is proving a definitive link between the accumulation of toxins in body tissues and the developments of chronic disease.

The process of elimination can be hampered for one reason or another. When a particular toxin overwhelms the normal excretion mechanisms, the body produces inflammation in the area of the toxin trying to rid itself of the problem. These inflammatory areas signal the start of a disease. They are actually signals the body is sending, stating that it cannot rid itself of accumulating toxins. If the toxins remain, the body then moves into the next stage, where they are deposited in areas where they will do the least harm. These areas are usually fat cells, cysts, polyps or tumors. After years of storage, the toxins move into body cells and tissues. They ultimately produce such degenerative disease as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease.

 Ionic Foot Bath detoxification is one way you can cleanse your body on a regular basis. schedule a 30 min treatment give your body a chance.  Buy five treatments and get the sixth one for free (each treatment is $30.00 (5 treatments + 1 free value of $150.00).

Before and after cleanse.

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